Yannis Markopoulos portrait/poster belongs to my collection of Greek portraits of musicians, actors, composers, writers, poets etc. An on-going project.
Thank you for watching and appreciation.  
Yannis Markopoulos was born in Crete in 1939. His career as a composer began in the early '60s as he began writing scores for movies, with Poia Einai I Margarita. The third movie he scored, Young Aphrodites (1963), ended up getting distribution in the United States on the art-house circuit. Following the establishment of the military dictatorship in Greece in 1967, he moved to London, where he continued his music studies for three years. He returned to Greece in 1970 and began establishing himself as a popular composer. He became especially well known for his use of musical traditions drawn from his native Crete, and also for melding popular music with such traditional instruments as the lyre. (via www.allmusic.com).

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