Sofia Vembo


Sofia Vembo was a Greek WW II’s Singer of Victory She began her career in Thessaloniki in the early 1930s. She became famous because of her distinctly sonorous contralto voice. Her reputation however skyrocketed after the Italian attack on Greece on 28 October 1940, when her performance of patriotic and satirical songs became a major inspiration for the fighting soldiers. At the same time, she offered 2,000 gold pounds from her own fortune to the Hellenic Navy. Following the German invasion and occupation of the country in April 1941, she was transported to the Middle East, where she continued to perform for the Greek troops in exile. Because of her role in the war and her efforts during the Axis occupation, she was awarded the rank of Major in the Greek Army. Some of her songs: Duce puts on his uniform (Βάζει ο Ντούτσε τη στολή του) The tobacco box (Η ταμπακιέρα) Egyptian girl (Μισιρλού) Children, of Greece children (Παιδιά της Ελλάδος παιδιά) How I’m sorry (Πόσο λυπάμαι) I love you and I like the life (Σ’ αγαπώ και μ’ αρέσει η ζωή)

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