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The poster for Crete was designed for the project “100 posters for Crete” that took place in August 2017, on the island of Crete in Greece.
100 graphic designers, among them myself as well, who live and work in Greece, Cyprus, and many other cities abroad, were invited to design disinterestedly one poster each about Crete, without any subject or technique restrictions. The Project raised 6.000€ to support the work of ELEPAP Chania and Orizontas.
My love for Crete goes way back in the past and it is a bizarre love since I loved the island even before visiting it. What I wanted to depict in my poster were all those characteristics of the island that I most appreciate. And I believe most of the people knowing the island. Those things are, first of all, is its amazing landscape with the big mountains and fields of olive trees. Then it is its unique Cretan music and the special Crete instrument named Lyra. But the island of Crete would not be so incredibly unique to the rest of the Greece if not for its ancient past. This is why I used pictures from the Minoan Frescoes such as the Dolphins and the Fisherman, the Minotaur and the Snake Goddess.
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