Destiny by Kostas Lemourios and Christos Dalamagas

Kostas Lemourios, celebrating 10 years in reggae songwriting, releases his second EP called Destiny!
This album is livicated to those who try to create their own path in life. Keep the fire burning in your hearts

“Be who you wanna be,
take control of your own destiny
Live the way you want to live,
cos it’s one life, one opportunity”


  • Music written & produced by Kostas Lemourios 
  • All instruments by Kostas Lemourios 
  • Lyrics written by Kostas Lemourios, except for Sunset written by Christos Dalamagas
  • Vocals written & performed by Christos Dalamagas
  • Mixed by Kostas Lemourios and mastered by Med Dred
  • Artwork created by It’s Just Me – Maria Papaefstathiou


You can listen to it here:


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