“Design and Finding Hope” Poster exhibition in Seoul

I was very excited when I was invited (among other 69 designers) by Byoung Il Sun and KICD (Korea Institute of Cultural Product and Design) to participate in their Exhibition with the theme: “Design and Finding Hope” because of its positive message for the future ahead. And my friends know, how I always look ahead positively.
I was very happy with the subject because after the difficult year we passed, it gave an optimistic message for the future. I believe that hope is what helps us and gives us the strength to cope with life’s difficulties. My poster “Hope for the Future” speaks to this very power of hope that begins with love. Love for our fellow man. Such love regenerates our soul, liberates it and gives the strength to look to the future with hope.
Exhibition: January 16 — February 15, 2021
Seoul, Korea
You can see all the posters by 148 participants from 30 countries.
Give thanks to Prof. Byoung Il Sun. KICD and its Chairman Lee Hai Man
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