The IRIE magazine July issue is out and we are in :)

IRIE’s July issue features Honest Music recent album Communion Riddim where the cover design is a collaboration between “It’s Just ME” and “Honest Music” and flashes its spotlight to International Reggae Poster Contest, It’s Just Me – Maria Papaefstathiou and Michael Thompson aka Freestylee – Artist Without Borders.
Give thanks and love to my brothers Chris Vrenios and Darryl Burke of Honest Music!

Check it out the magazine and listen to the album here: —

Few days after, IRIE’s WORLD REGGAE, July issue features once more the Intl. Reggae Poster Contest, its founders and this years’ winners.

Poster for Nelson Mandela

The Mandela Poster Project  (MPP) initiative was founded in order to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s contribution to humanity by creating a poster or series of posters.
The project aimed to collect exceptional posters from around the world and collate them into an online publication and travelling exhibition.

My poster was one of the 95 selected posters.

MPPC has shown the 95 posters in roving exhibitions around the world since then. They sold the master set for R1 million ($100 000 at the time) and donated the money to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital – a lifelong dream of South Africa’s revered former president.


At Novum Magazine
January 2014 edition of Novum Magazine

At Print Magazine:
MPP on the AIGA website



My poster was selected by the “Mandela Poster Project” to form part of the Mandela Poster Project 95 exhibition collection. The poster was exhibited at the University of Pretoria and in other venues such as:
– HP, Johannesburg, 29 July – 10 August (by invitation only viewing of the printed display)
– Turbine Art Fair, 26 – 28 July, Johannesburg (open to the public of digital display)
– TEDxJohannesburg, Johannesburg, 15 August (registered delegates only viewing of a digital display)
– TEDxSoweto, Johannesburg, 2 November (registered delegates only viewing of a digital display)
– Open Design Cape Town, Cape Town City Hall (open to the public of printed display)
– Peacemakers Museum, Johannesburg, September/October [exact dates to be determined] (open to the public of printed display)
– SA Innovation Summit (SABS), 27-28 August (registered delegates only viewing of a digital display)

MPP the M&G Literary Festival
MPP at the Open Design Festival, Cape Town, 21-31 August 2013.
MPP at the SA Innovation Summit in Johannesburg
MPP at Open Design expo in Cape Town



Poster on Education | Turkey

“If Knowledge and understanding could be transferred from one person to another like a yawn, then wisdom would become Magically Contagious” ~A quote written by Michael Iva.

Without education for all, wisdom can never be contagious or achieved. Without a worthy target, there can be nothing to aim for, and thus no target could be achieved. We must have something to aim for. That aim must be the ideal, something worthy, something of value to hopefully achieve…something like wisdom.

A collaboration between
Mary Papaefstathiou (art direction/design),
Michael Iva (writer)


The poster was selected at the International Poster Exhibition
“Innovation in Education” and was exhibited at Erzurum / Türkiye

Certification of participation.


Featured in the book “Innovation in Education International Poster Exhibition”